About Our Children:

Approximately 6 to 8 million children in the United States have emotional, behavioral, and/or mental health disabilities in need of treatment. This represents about 12% of all children in the United States. Of these children, approximately 3 to 4 million have persistent and severe problems. In New Hampshire 55,756 children are likely to have experienced mental illness in the past year; there is a lack of appropriate resources in the correct places and a need for coordination between systems with a focus on individuals' and families' needs.

Every family must have access to existing and appropriate individualized services in their home community.

Therefore, policies, legislation, funding mechanisms, and service systems must utilize the strengths of families by:

  • Ensuring they are equal partners in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of services
  • Viewing the child as a whole person and the family as a whole unit, and not concentrating only on the disability
  • Empowering families and children to make decisions about their own lives
  • Encouraging innovative services and supports, which increase available options and promote the integration of services.

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